Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tell All Tuesday- Dream Classroom

This week's edition of Tell all Tuesday hosted by the fabulous My Day in K and Teach Talk Inspire is all about our dream classroom! Admit it you have a secret Pinterest board with all this pictures of your dream classroom. I do!! This link up is a fun way to dream big when it comes to your perfect classroom!

I am really loving my classroom right now! I recently painted it as well as created all new alphabet, numbers and other things for it! There is always room for improvement though right????
In my dream classroom I would love to have lots of windows and a classroom that is actually square and not pie shaped ha! I would also want 2 smartboards, ipads for every child as well as computers that work...every time we need them too!! Now we can move on to the other stuff in my dream classroom!
 I would love to have a whole group are with these crates! I love it!
I love this teacher chair! How comfy does it look!
And who could post about their dream classroom with out this pic from Kinder Kraze! I love the color combinations of this classroom!
Look at that class library!!! I thought I was organized but she has me beat!!
If you know me at all you know I have a love for all things chevron! (My TPT store name inspiration ha!) I love this carpet and will have one like it some day! This little area is so fun!! 
I am absolutely in love with this little reading area from A Traveled Teacher. Can it be any cuter!!!!!!!! Those polka dot chairs are calling out to me...buy us ...buy us!!! Plus there is a little lamp and chevron rug again! This area looks so cozy and inviting I would love to have it in my classroom!
This is another little reading area/library that I would love to have in my dream classroom! This is from Tunstalltimes.blogspot.com
Storage is always limited in my classroom this would be a great way to add some storage and also give the kiddos a place to sit and work!
One of the last things I would want in my dream classroom is this reading tent! 

Thank you so much for stopping by to read about my dream classroom!! What does your dream classroom look like? Hop over to My Day on K or Teach Talk Inspire to link up and share with us!!


  1. Jill! I have a dream of having a cute rug like the chevron one, too! I think I would put "Sit Spots" on it to make sure kiddos would have a defined area to sit in!! I got that tent/circus from Ikea, but it didn't fit in my classroom, so it is now in my nephews' room at my parents' house! :) Thanks for sharing the cuteness!!
    Very Perry Classroom

  2. Jill
    I love your dream reading areas!! So cute!! Thank you for sharing.
    It’s Kinder Time

  3. Thanks for all the bright and cheery inspiration! I really like the reading tent. It's a great use of vertical space and so inviting for the little ones.

  4. You classroom is coming along so nicely!! I can't wait to see the big reveal! I love that you want a square room!!! I have never had a pie-shaped room!! I love that small group seat arrangement with the crates, nice way to get some extra storage! That reading tent is awesome, wish I had enough room for it in my room!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your Dream Classroom with us, I loved reading it!!

    Kindergarten Dragons

  5. I love your dreams!! The Kinder Craze room just makes me happy!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing these too cute ideas for the classroom. I love the storage bench.

  7. Hi Jill, I loved reading through your post and I also loved that we had some of the same pictures. I knew we always had something in common! ;) Love the idea of the crates. I think I am going to tackle that craft today. Wish me luck, haha! It might make for an entertaining blog post later. Thanks for linking up with us. Your dream classroom is adorable! Have a wonderful weekend friend! :)