Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Scoop 7-19-15

Sunday oh Sunday why do you have to come around so quickly! I swear it should still be June instead of half way to August!!!!!!!

Since it's Sunday it is time for the Sunday scoop link up with the Teaching Trio! I really love this link up it's a great way to get myself organized for the day and week ahead:)
Have to:
1. I get to pick up my class roll on Tuesday! I am sooooooo excited. I love reading their names. It also makes the fact that school starts in 2 weeks more real because I will actually have their names! I make labels for everything so I can get a jump on that part of my to do list too:)

2. For some reason I can not resist the periscope whistle! When it goes off I have to check my phone and watch the live video it's not the same experience watching the replay!! I can't get anything done and my phone is always dead! PLEASE tell me I am not alone!!!!!!!!!!!

3. I have got to wash my car! Inside and out it is looking  pretty rough! Plus a rock hit my windshield and I need to have the windshield replaced...thanks Mr. Truck that flew past me:(

Hope to:
1. I am hoping that I can finish setting up my classroom this week so that I can completely relax next week...yea right I know I won't but the thought is nice right?!?!?! As soon as it is done I'll do a periscope reveal...if you can't beat them join them:)

2. I want to start reading Learn like a Pirate this week. I have finished my other books and was saving this one for last!

Happy to:
 I am happy to get a mani and pedi this week. It is long over due and I can't wait. I'm thinking Tuesday after I get my class roll:)

Thanks for stopping by to read my Sunday scoop! Head over to the Teaching Trio to link up and join in the fun!!!


  1. I've had to learn to resist the whistle, too! It goes off all the time! I love getting my class list too, but we don't start for another month. I know classroom set up is a ton of work, but I love it!

  2. I have not tried periscope yet, but I need to. Hope that you are able to get that mani/pedi. Every teacher deserves to be pampered!


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    1. Haha YES I had to turn OFF that whistle and start watching replays once a day because I was getting too obsessed! Its SO addicting! I LOVE your blog design, SUPER cute!!

  4. I so need to stay off of Periscope too! I haven't even posted my first broadcast but I'm such a lurker watching everyone else. :/ So exciting to get your class roll!!! There's something so exciting about reading and writing their names on everything. Have a great week!

    Yee-Haw in Kindergarten

  5. The whistle was driving me bonkers!! I had to shut mine off because it was like I was at my phone's beck and call. I've decided to watch replays and then only check it for 30 minutes top so I don't take too much time away from my family! Also it was KILLING my battery..I had to keep recharging it multiple times! EEK! WIth all the work you have to do with names...I'm glad to know you will be taking some time to yourself and getting a mani and pedi! Happy relaxing!

  6. OMG that whistle DRIVES me crazy. I have to tell myself I dont have time right now to watch.. Its taking over my life.

    I plan on doing the same getting a gel kit to do my nails but getting a pedi at a salon.. :)
    I am sooo not ready for school .. NOT YET :)

    Elisa @ Ms.C's Kinder Friends

  7. The whistle..... I had to turn it off!!! Oh my... Great stuff and not so great stuff! It has been hard to filter through it! I have Learn Like a Pirate on my To Read list. I have heard it's great. I am in the same boat you are - 2 weeks until school. I am staying out of the room this week because my kids will be at camp the week before school starts. I figure I will just live up there then. Enjoy what is left!


  8. It is definitely hard to resist that whistle!! It goes off all day long!! That's so awesome that you are going to be getting your class list! We don't go back for another month so I'm not sure when I'll get my class list, but I can't wait to see it!! I bet you'll be so relieved when your room is finished, I know that is a huge relief off your shoulders! I feel like I"m always adding something to my room throughout the whole year though!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your Scoop with us, I hope you have a wonderful week!!

    Kindergarten Dragons

  9. I hope you enjoy reading "Learn Like a PIRATE" in the coming days or weeks! If you blog about it, please let me know on Twitter (@PaulSolarz) and I'll re-tweet you! I'm also happy to answer any questions, and I'd LOVE to hear how you might use some of the ideas in your classroom! Here are several others who have blogged about it so far this summer: