Monday, July 20, 2015

Must Have Monday

I am linking up with the girls at Freebielicious for this must have Monday! There are so many things that we as teachers need to help our day run smoother!! Here is my list of things I couldn't live without...besides laptops, ipads, and my smartboard!

My teaching friends... aka my PLN! I couldn't make it without these people. They are there to bounce ideas off of, to plan with, and to listen to me if it's been a bad or fab day! I am very thankful for these people! Some of them are my coworkers and some of them I have met through my TPT and blogging journey! I would strongly suggest that you surround yourself with other teachers that share your passion!
The next thing that I MUST have is my scotch laminator!! I love, love, love it! It comes in handy and makes laminating easier! We have a laminating committee at school so not everyone can just run in there and laminate quickly. We have to turn in our stuff and then someone does it. It is nice to have my little laminator on those days that I need something done quickly and especially in the summer!
I also must have my Whole Brain teaching rules! Whole brain teaching has been a life saver for me! It has changed my classroom and student engagement and most of all it is so much fun!
I love quotes all kinds of quotes! I teach kindergarten and I know that most of my kiddos can't read these quotes but I love having the inspiration hanging in my room! 
I could not live without my sterile containers that my kids use to organize their table supplies! It helps cut down on passing out and collecting supplies because they are right there for the kiddos to grab when we need them!
I love my center tubs! Everything for each center goes in the tub. Manipulatives, recording sheet if needed, pens, crayons and markers. They grab the tub find a spot and get busy!
The last thing that I must have is my Diet Pepsi! Caffeine gets me through the day! 

Thanks for stopping by to read about my must have Monday! What are your must haves?  Head over to Freebielicious to link up and join in the fun!!


  1. I love laminating things with my Scotch laminator! So much thicker and more sturdy than the school laminator.

    Fun in Fourth

  2. Isn't being organized the best feeling ever? Even better when your kinders know where things go and are able to put things away where they belong! I love your WBT rules, I'm still working on mine!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your Must Haves!! Your classroom looks great, I'm really loving the colors you picked!!

    <3 Erin
    Kindergarten Dragons