Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Scoop 7-5-15

 I can not brag enough on Kristin from Teaching in a Nutshell for my AMAZING blog design! It is perfect and more that I expected. If you need an update to your blog look Kristin is the girl for the job!!! It is Sunday and I am linking up with the Teaching Trio to bring you another edition of my Sunday Scoop!

Have to:
1. Finish up my TPT masterpiece for this week's challenge! For some reason I can't get it done!!!!!!
2. Housework-yuck my least favorite thing to do but somebody's got to do it right?!?!
3. I have to take my mind off the fact that I am not going to be at TPT Vegas this year!! I am hoping I can go next year. I will be sitting here green with envy of all you fabulous peeps that are getting to attend. I will enjoy the experience through your pictures and posts! I hope everyone going has an amazing time.....please come back and share with those left behind:)

Hope to:
1. I hope to take a nap today! After all the 4th of July celebrating I need one!
2. I hope to finish reading a book on Project based learning so I can start reading Learn like a Pirate next!

Happy to:
I am extremely happy with my blog design! It is more than perfect! I keep logging in to my blog just to look at it haha!! Thanks again Kristin!!!!

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  1. Kristin rocks!!! Love your blog!! I am right there with ya, green with envy!!! I wish I was heading to Vegas!!!

  2. You new blog design is AMAZING!! Kristin did a really great job, the colors of the chevron design remind me of ocean waves crashing on the shore. That's so totally you!! :-) I am also trying to finish my Masterpiece so that I can get it to you for editing! Almost done!!! Let's not even talk about how jelly I am for not being able to go to Vegas this year! I am definitely making it a priority for next year and I will be there!! :-)
    I hope you're able to get your nap in and finish reading! I have to finish my WBT book before I can move on to Teach Like a Pirate!
    I hope you have an incredibly amazing week!!

    Kindergarten Dragons