Monday, February 29, 2016

A Peek at my Week 2-29-16

I am feeling inspired by Miss K's Little Rays and her peek at my week blog post! So I am going to try it out and hope it will help me get back into blogging consistently:) Thanks for the inspiration Molly!!!
This week is all about Dinosaurs! We started this theme last week and the kids are hooked! We are diving into research with nonfiction. I found these inflatable dinos on Amazon and the kids love them. We will label them this week with sticky notes!

The kiddos will use nonfiction books and sticky notes to write down their new learning. They will add the sticky notes to our charts.
This week our Language arts skills will be to work on middle sounds as well as review consonant blends. I really love this time of year it amazes me hoe much they can read now! Here are a few pics I captured of our literacy centers today:)
Volcanic vowel sort

Small sensory bin pull and color beginning blends

Beginning blend puzzles...he was proud of himself hehehehe

What's missing- beginning, middle and ending sounds

Rolling in playdoh CVC words.. love Printable Princess

Touchtronic letter with the ipad! Building CVC words and practining beginning sounds

Sight word match ups

Colorful Dino sentence writing

Sight word puzzles

QR code sight words

This week in math we are focusing on place value.
Kiddos partnered up to build numbers . Love these manipulatives from Lakeshore!
Here is the only math center pic I snapped to day ha! Building numbers with manipulatives and place value mats.

Some of our other math centers this week are greater than less than, subtracting, domino addition, place value count the room and tally count. Computers and tablets are also centers each week:)
Thanks so much for stopping by to check out my week! Most of the Dinosaur centers are in my Dino-mite Dinosaur unit. It is in my TPT store:) I hope you all have a FABULOUS week!!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Five For Friday- 2-19-16

Oh Friday how I love you!! I also love linking up with Doodle Bug Teaching for...

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This is our third full week of flexible seating. We made a slow transition starting after Christmas break.  To say that this has been the most AMAZING thing ever is an understatement!!!!!!! My kids have loved the change and our classroom runs even smoother with less disruptions and classroom behaviors than ever!!!!!!!!! They love being able to choose where they will sit and work.  During centers they get to explore all the seating options.  Yesterday one of my little friends said man Ms. Green why is it so quiet in here?!? Another friend replied because this flexible seating is magic ha! I love it and so do they. If you are thinking about switching do it! Most of the things in my classroom came from Walmart or Five below and were very reasonable! I can not imagine ever going back to traditional seating this has been a game changer for sure!!!
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We had our Family Literacy night this week. Our theme was "A Good Book Will Take You Far, Far Away!" The kids had a blast with the Star wars theme! Since I was in charge of the photo booth my kiddos had fun this morning with the masks hehe!! "May the Force be with you!"
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GOOD GRAVY BISCUITS my TPT store has 1000 followers!! When I saw this the other day I may or may not have squealed in excitement lol! I am so honored and humbled that this many people like and are interested in my products it is so awesome!
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This week has been all about Presidents and American Symbols.  My kiddos are learning so much right now and are becoming fabulous little readers, writers, and mathematician!

This drawing cracks me up every time I see it!

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If you are not following Sheila Jane Teaching on Periscope you are missing out! I love her scopes and she always has such a positive message that seam perfect for me! This week was all about letting your light shine in your teaching community and reaching out to share that light with others around you! Yes it is important to have your core group of teachers but it is equally important to be there and support the other teachers around you! Teacher burn out is real. We have an exhausting job mentally, physically and emotionally. We need each other to lean on and a kind word can go a LONG way when someone is feeling down and frazzled!
I love her quote below!

Be you and be happy! You are amazing and you have one of the most important jobs ever! Making a difference and touching lives is hard work! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading about our week! I hope you each have a FABULOUS weekend!!!

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