Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tell All Tuesday-7-14-15

It is time for Tell All Tuesday with My Day in K and Teach Talk Inspire! This week's topic is all about our life as a reality show! These two ladies make Tuesdays so much fun! 
I am going to be honest with you I really struggled coming up with a name for my reality show! Who would've thought this would be hard right?!?!? So after racking my brain way to late into the night I decided that if my life was a reality show it would be called... Dancing in the Rain!

 This is one of my favorite quotes!  My life has certainly not been perfect but everything that has happened in my life has lead me to this place. I have a wonderful family, fabulous friends, and a career I love!
Life is a learning experience. I tend to be one that has to learn things the hard way ha! I can be stubborn and a bit hard headed sometimes...ok maybe a lot of times. I am thankful for the good and bad things that have happened in my life. Through those times I found my strength and my voice. I am thankful for this life and wouldn't trade it for  the world!!
So if my life was a reality show it would chronicle the day to day ups and downs of my fabulously imperfect life. Viewers would get to see glimpses of my real life. Sometimes things go great and let's face it sometimes it doesn't. It's not about the good and bad times in your life it is how you handle those situations that make you the person you are:)
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  1. Jill, I love the title of your reality show! Great idea. That is one of my favorite quotes too. I believe everything happens for a reason and it may not always be good, but it always leads you to exactly where you should be. Thanks for taking the time to link up with us, I always love reading through your posts! :)

  2. Love your title! Your quotes are amazing! I plan to have quotes all over my room this year. This was a great post!

  3. What a great title! So motivating! I LOVE those quotes! We definitely need those inspirational messages all the time! Thanks for sharing!

    All the best,

  4. That title is so motivating! I actually got some goosebumps reading your quotes! So true and such an important reminder!!!

  5. Your title is perfect!! I swore it was going to have something to do with the beach, though!! ;-) I loved reading your posts, like always you did a super great job!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your 'Show' with us my friend!!

    Kindergarten Dragons

  6. Love your show idea and title! And the quotes!!!! Oh my word- just perfect and such great reminders to live by! Loved reading this post and I would totally watch your show!

    Yee-Haw in Kindergarten

  7. Jill, I love this post!!! You are awesome!
    Moore to Learn