Thursday, July 9, 2015

Five for Friday 7-10-15

I am still struggling with the fact that it is July and school starts back for me in less than a month!
 I go back August 3rd!!!! 
  I have had SERIOUS TPT Vegas envy but have also enjoyed seeing everyone's posts and finding a new way to connect with other incredible teachers!! 
I am linking up with Doodle Bug Teaching for five for Friday to look back at my week.
I have made yet another trip to target this week! My checking account is calling for an intervention ha!!!! I did get several things that I wanted last time but my target was out:) I love the wooden quotes! I also got the If you give a mouse stuffed animals from Kohl's for my classroom. My kinders love reading to a stuffed animal!
If you have been on any social media this week then you have heard about periscope! It has been a blast getting little glimpses of Vegas from the fabulous teachers that are there!!! Angie from  Lucky Little Learners and  Ashley from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd have been amazing #periscopeteachers this week! I am so thankful that they brought a little bit of Vegas to those of us left behind this week!!! Every time my phone whistles I have to stop what I am doing and check it out!!!
 If you are not following them go do it and jump into this crazy periscope world. They have really encouraged us to build our teacher communities or #teachertribes through social media. I am so incredibly thankful to have meet so many other teacher bloggers/TPT'ers through this journey! I am loving building my #teachertribe!
You can follow me on periscope:)
I spent a little bit more time in my classroom this week. I am super happy with the way it is turning out! The colors make me happy!! 
Target wooden quotes=love!
My lantern lights thanks to Big Lots!
I recently purchased Reagan Tunstall's Guided math rotation system called STACK. I am looking forward to implementing it in my classroom this year! I also love the way my math board turned out!!
Literacy center chart-now I need to make a choice board for the mornings centers.
Super Improver's Wall is up all I need now is my kiddos names to add their cards to the wall!!!
This week I launched my new blog design by the wonderfully talented Teaching in a Nutshell! Kristin did a fabulous job! The design is absolutely perfect and I am so glad that I did it! A happy blog makes for a happy blogger:)
I have gotten to spend time with some great friends this week! Monday was IHop's 57th birthday and they have short stacks for 57 cents!! So who would pass that deal up! We did have to wait to be seated for almost 30 minutes it was packed in there! 
My daughter and I went to see Inside out on Tuesday night! It was so good and I may or may not have teared up more than once during the movie! Pixar pulls at the heart strings.

Thanks for stopping by to read about my five for Friday!! 
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  1. Pixar movies are the best. One of my all time favs is Up. I haven't seen Inside Out yet.

  2. Your room is cute! I love the colorful walls with the black and white lanterns. Your new blog design is also adorable! I just joined Periscope, too! Love #teachertribe @whathappensin27

  3. I love the color of your room. I wish we could paint! Also, now I'm headed to Big Lots. I need some lanterns, too. :)
    Mrs.B's Classroom Adventures

  4. I go back August 3rd too!!! Yikes! Seeing your cute room also gave me the motivation to go back to mine...soon!! I need to know more about STACK. It seems like I change my math every year but I have never fallen in love with any particular way I have done it so I will have to research that. Great post Jill! :)
    Moore to Learn

  5. Hi Jill, love your blog design! Kristen did a wonderful job!. I am also in shock that it is JULY!! AHHH, I'm not ready. We go back August 17th! I thought that was early. When do you get out, the beginning of May?! If they wanted my opinion (and I know it is just little ol' me) I would prefer to go back after labor day and go until June. Your classroom decor is adorable! I also need a Target intervention, their dollar spot has so much good stuff right now! I love the quotes! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Target is always a win ;) I should probably buy their stock!! Your room design is ADORABLE. Love the black and turquoise!!! I am with you on the Periscope with Angie and Ashley. They gave amazing advice and I am a huge fan of #teachertribe :)

  7. I have the same start date, so it's full-on back to school mode! Target...Big Lots...Dirt Cheap, I hit all of these faithfully. You look like you are all set with a beautiful room and beautiful blog to boot!

  8. I love love your classroom colors! Wonderful wonderful job. I have also become a periscope stalker and am in search of my tribe!!

  9. Hi! I have seen you on the Periscope broadcasts! I included them and #findyourtribe in my post today too! I love it! I am so inspired!

  10. Your classroom looks cute. I will have to check out the Periscope app, thanks for the heads up.

    The Very Busy Kindergarten

  11. Love your blog! I'm soooo glad I'm not the only one who teared up a time or two at Inside Out. I can assure you the same thing will NOT happen when you see Minions. :)
    Read, Run, Teach

  12. I am LOVING how your classroom is turning out!!! You should be so proud of all your hard work!! I can't wait to see it all when it's completely finished!! I'm so glad we found Periscope and have gotten a chance to experience a bit of TPT Vegas! I'm also super excited about finding our #teachertribe!! I think #kindertribe is really going to be so helpful for us this year!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your 5 with us!!! P.S. - #teamtptvegas2016

    Kindergarten Dragons

  13. I think every teacher blogged about Periscope today- haha! It has been such a blast to connect right?!

    I need to go see Inside Out- I have heard such great things!

    Just Keep Teaching

  14. Your classroom and your new blog design both look great! I've been to my room once, and I have lots more to do. Good thing we love what we do, right?
    Laughter and Consistency