Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekly Summer link up- My teaching quirks

I definitely have a few teaching quirks that I am excited to share through this fun link up with I heart Grade 3.   We all have teaching quirks... what a fun idea to share them:) I am looking forward to reading about other teachers through this link up!
My biggest quirk I would say is organization! This pic is an oldie but goody from meet the teacher this past school year. I believe that everything has a place and that there is a place for everything. I teach kindergarten so it is something I try to establish the first day with our classroom procedures:) My kinders catch on pretty quickly and will even help me "reorganize" things occasionally. It makes me laugh when I have gotten back from being out and the sub leaves a note that says your kiddos know exactly where everything is and are very quick to say Ms. Green would want you to leave that there:) 
My second quirk is I use my hands ALOT!! For everything... if you tied my hands behind my back I wouldn't be able to talk! So when I discovered Whole brain teaching I was in teacher heaven! It really is an active approach to teaching. It is so much fun and my kiddos love it! WBT really encourages student engagement and active learners. It also lets the teacher act silly, use her hands and silly voices while teaching conent! PERFECT right?!!? I would encourage everyone to do a little research on WBT and implement it into your teaching practice! You won't regret it and your kids will thank you!
I guess you could consider this one a quirk:) I truly believe that our students can learn more from each other through collaboration and research than form us alone. I love how the pendulum is swinging into the direction of the student led classroom now. As a teacher is is hard for me to let go of the control sometimes but every time I do great things happen. I like being the facilitator and watching my kinders explore, research and construct their own learning. I am super excited to be implementing Project based learning next year! I know my kiddos are going to have a blast!

Hop over to Monica's blog to read about other teachers quirks! You can also join in on the fun by linking up:)
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  1. Hi Jill!

    Thanks for participating in my linky! It's great to have you a part of it!

    Man, I wish I had some of your quirks - especially your organization quirk! I am on a mission to get myself and my family organized. I just purchased my first Erin Condren life planner and I can't wait for it to arrive! I also have bought some binders to get some TpT and teaching stuff in order!

    Thanks again for linking up!


  2. I always love reading you posts!! You have the best quirks! I totally agree about needing to have kindergarten rules and routines in place the first day and reinforced every day thereafter!! I LOVE your color-coded papers for Open House! I do the same thing!!

    Warmest Wishes,

  3. I'm with you on letting go of some of the control. This is something I've been working on for the past year or so. My prinicipal is always telling me that I shouldn't be doing all the work. The kids should be, and they should be tired at the end of the day, not me.!!

  4. I love your organization quirk. I did my post over bins. lol Great post!