Sunday, June 14, 2015

Spotlight Saturday-round 2

 I am linking up with Kindergarten Dragons for Spotlight Saturday! (I am a day late!! sorry friends)
I am so happy to have found all these wonderful links ups! Making connections with fellow TPTers and bloggers has been so much fun!         
Today I am going to spotlight Miss May from One Fab Teacher! She is such a positive person and I love following her on Instagram! 
You can hop over and check out her fabulous blog!
 I recently downloaded some of her freebies and I can't wait to use these in my classroom 
with my kinders:)

How great are these punctuation posters! 

These color posters might be the cutest things I've ever seen! They are perfect Melonheadz and chevron can it get any better! I know exactly where I am going to hang these when I can get back into my classroom!
I am looking forward to using these as another way to partner my kids for teach-okay. Usually we do peanut butter and jelly but this will be a fun alternative! I really like how there are 2 versions so the boys don't feel left out:)

She has a lot of goodies in her TPT store! I would strongly suggest following her on Instagram:
One Fab Teacher- TPT store
Onefabteacher- Instagram

Have a great week!!
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  1. Thank you so much for linking up again!! I LOVE those punctuation posters, and those cards for picking partners are awesome!
    Thanks so much for sharing your Spotlight, it was great getting to read about such wonderful products!

    Warmest Wishes,