Saturday, June 6, 2015

Spotlight Saturday

It is Saturday and I am linking up with Kindergarten Dragons for Spotlight Saturday! I am so happy to have found all these wonderful links ups! Making connections with fellow TPTers and bloggers has been so much fun!
Today I am spotlighting Diana from My Day in K! I won this AMAZING pack through  A Dab of Glue's Winner Wednesday link up! This pack is wonderful for the primary classroom. I am so looking forward to using this with my kinders next year. You can click on the cover pic to check it out in her store.
This pack is a great way to explore information text with your kiddos. I can't wait to use this with my kiddos next school year.
She has included these great picture cards to explain the features on informational text. Here are a few of the pages that are included in this pack.
The labeling includes a set with a word bank and a set without the word bank. Perfect for introducing the concept and then letting them do it on their own.
I am loving the caption pages! 
I know my kinders are going to love the fun fact pages! Diana has also included a report and the end of the pack so the kiddos can put together a project showing everything they learned. If you are not following My Day in K you should be! She's FABULOUS!!

Click on her button to follow on her blog! 

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  1. That does look perfect! I love that they are writing a report at the end - even in K! {And you won it! Congrats! Winning things is so exciting!!}

  2. Thank you so much for linking up with Spotlight Saturday! I'm so excited to read all about the pack you won on Winner Wednesday, it looks so awesome! Text features can be tricky for the little learners to grasp but this packet makes it easy! Thanks so much for sharing such a great resources with us! I'm so glad you linked up again, thank you so much!!

    Warmest Wishes,

  3. That looks so amazing! I am always looking for new, age-appropriate ways to get my kids involved with informational texts! Thanks for sharing her great work!

    Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars