Saturday, August 1, 2015

Currently 8-1-15

I can not believe it is August! I think we shortened July HA! I am excited about linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade!

I am currently addicted to NCIS it is a recent add to Netflix! This will be my last binge watch before school starts back Monday!!
I am loving my new flair pens...thank you Target for the tropical colors:) I also got a new plan book to go with the pens!
I am thinking about planning out my first day with the kinders...I still can't believe I go back Monday! Wasn't it just May like yesterday????
I am wanting a new outfit for meet the teacher Tuesday so shopping is on the agenda for tomorrow!
I am desperately needing to cut out my stack of laminating...anyone want to come over for a cutting party?
I love the idea of Back to school random acts of kindness!!! I am thinking I will do small goodies for my coworkers. I haven't decided exactly what yet though!

Thank you for stopping by to read my August currently! Head over to Oh Boy 4th Grade to link up and join in on the fun!!


  1. I want Flair pens sooo badly! The school/office supply section is like candy to a kid for me :P Best wishes for a wonderful new year!

    Apple Blossoms

  2. Hello! Plan books and pens are a few of my new goodies also. I keep staring at them, not quite ready to break them in. Totally enjoyed your post. You're back on Monday? When did y'all get out? Sending you awesome first day happy vibes. May all your kinders sit nicely during circle time. Lol.


    Miss Indrea's Circle Time

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  4. I love Flair pens, haven't found the Tropical ones yet, I'm still searching!! I have to go clothes shopping, too! I'd love to come over for a laminating party!!!
    I hope you have an amazing week and an incredible start to a new school year!! I can't wait to hear all about it my friend!!!

    Kindergarten Dragons

  5. Flair pens make me so happy! I bought that tropical set too, and I keep worrying that I should maybe stock up in case the tropical colors only last through summer! I usually buy a new dress for our meet the teacher night. You've just reminded me that I'd better start shopping, not that I have trouble finding an excuse! :-) I can't believe you go back tomorrow! Goodness, that's early, but the good news is that you'll be out WAY before me!

    Mrs O Knows

  6. Hi Jill, I enjoyed reading through your currently! I've always heard good things about NCIS, maybe that should be my next show to binge watch! You had me at flair pens, but when you said tropical colors, I almost got up and ran to Target, haha! I definitely need to go check those out. I can't believe you go back tomorrow. Have fun shopping today for a new outfit, and good luck with your first day! Your kiddos are so lucky to have you. :)

  7. It sounds like you are right in the middle of getting ready for school. Luckily for me, I still have a few weeks left. I hope you have a wonderful school year! BTW, Flair pens are on my BTS shopping list too!

  8. I love flair pens, I have not seen tropical colors I am going to have to look for those. I love NCIS, great show! I have a stack of laminating to cut as well, if we were closer we could meet up and do it together, so it would be more fun! Have a great first day Monday, hope you find something cute for Meet the Teacher!

    Luv My Kinders

  9. I haven't laminated ANYTHING yet. Crazy right?! We still have some time, but last year I had already done tons! Have a great first week back! (And yes, it WAS May just yesterday!!!!)

  10. I just may have to run out to Target....againnnn to get those Flair pens. I have to say I am a Flair pen addict. I will definitely come over to cut out some lamination. I love doing that....ship it to me. :-)

    Teaching in Bows Pearls and Glitter