Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tell All Tuesday 2.0 -Summer Recharge

It's Tuesday in the blogging world so that means it time for Tell All Tuesday with the amazing My Day in K and Teach, Talk Inspire!
It is hard to believe that this is my last full week of summer vacation. We report back on August 4th and the kiddos return on August 11th. Summer time is a great way for teachers to relax and recharge. This weeks link up is all about recharging!
Who doesn't love shopping?!? Especially those Target Dollar Spots! I have done a lot of shopping this summer. Yes there have been several trips to Target..but I have also been to T.J Maxx, Ross, IKEA, and Home Goods to name a few!
Oh PJ days how I love you! PJ days are pretty high on my favorite things about summer list! I enjoy hanging around the house with nowhere to be except on the couch binge watching something on Netflix or Hulu. During the school year there is no time for binge watching or I would be one grouchy teacher ha!
I enjoy creating things for my classroom! Summertime is perfect for creating because there is so much more TIME! I am also a planner so I also spend some of that precious summer time planner out my school year. Now if I could only plan out my blog and TPT calendar!!!!!
How do you recharge in the summer? Link up and let us know!


  1. Enjoy your last week of summer! I'm about to take a trip to the library with my kids. Time to read for pleasure is one of my favorite ways to recharge.
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. Hi Jill, thanks so much for linking up with us! Enjoy your last week of summer! Your list is very similar to mine! Creating in your pjs sounds fabulous! :)