Friday, December 18, 2015

Five For Friday 12-18-15

It's the final count down!!!! The last Friday of school until January 8, 2016!!!!! I must confess that I am more than ready for a nice long break! This month has been CRAZY hahaha!! It is also time for another installment of Five for Friday with the fabulous Doodle Bug Teaching!

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We had our first school wide "Deck the Halls" on Monday night. It was a huge success! The parents and kids had a blast. We had over 700 people at school that night!
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At our faculty meeting this week we had a teacher share about finding your why. He did a wonderful job! We know our what is to teach children, but what is your why?  As teachers we can get burdened down with the politics of teaching and all the paperwork ha! Even the behavior problems get to us. It was a great reminder for me personally to remember my why! I ma not here to collect a paycheck. I am here to make a difference in my students lives to inspire a love of learning in each and everyone of them! I want them to feel loved, respected and appreciated. Their opinions matter.

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Yesterday I finished up my Christmas shopping!!! WOOHOO!! Now to finish wrapping them!!
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On of our first grade teachers has a huge Polar Express in her classroom. She generously offered for my class to come and visit! We had a BLAST! We read the Polar Express by flashlight and listened to train sounds our whole trip. My kinders loved every minute of it!
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Our Christmas party was so much fun! The kiddos were absolutely bonkers and had a blast!! We wish you a very Merry Christmas from our class to you all!!

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  1. That Polar Express setup is amazing! And I'm impressed all your holiday shopping is done. I'm just getting started!

  2. That will be me today, wrapping presents! Glad to have all my shopping done!