Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Oral Writing- OH YEAH!!!!!

Words can not express how floored I am by the success of oral writing with my kinders. They are rocking it! They are answering in complete sentences. We are using the capital letter brainy, ending punctuation and the because clapper. They are cracking me up with the ending punctuation. I know my teacher neighbors think my class has lost it. I am thankful that my neighbor on the left is also a WBT lover so her class sounds a lot like mine too!!
We just started the because clapper last week and they are really doing well with it. I am so proud of them. I am looking forward to them being able to put their thoughts on paper. Look out 5 paragraph essays Ms. G's kinders are headed your way!! Tune in for more amazing updates on oral writing. I will post a video soon:)

Hop over to wholebrainteaching.com for more information on WBT and oral writing! It is teacher life changing:)

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