Thursday, July 17, 2014

Don't Stop the Train

This was one of the themes at the WBT conference this summer.  So many times throughout the day we stop instruction for varies reasons and the result is we lose our kiddos.  I made this banner to remind myself through out the day to keep the train moving! Whole Brain Teaching gives you so many strategies to use in the classroom. It also encourages active participation from the kiddos. I am hoping that this year they will be so busy using mirrors, gestures and teach ok that they won't have time to derail the train! 


  1. Hi!! I am your newest follower. I found you via the WBT forum. I just LOVE your Melonheadz "Me"!! I am gonna have to add that to my birthday list I think ;). I was in Kinder the year before last when I discovered WBT; but I have been in 2nd last year and the upcoming year. I would love you to stop by :)

    Kickin It Whole Brain In Texas

  2. Awesome! I love my melonheadz me too:) she is fabulous! I will definitely stop by and check out your blog!