Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The end is in sight!

Long time no blog! I am usually a very good multi-tasker but for some reason I can not get this blog thing down!!!!!! So my goal for this summer is to schedule a blog day so that even when school starts back I will be in a routine with it! I will manage to create new products, post to Instagram, facebook and blog next year:)

Well this year is almost over. 2 more days and then summer break. I can definitely say I am ready for summer. This group of fabulous kinders have been challenging to say the least! I have enjoyed watching them grow and learn throughout the year. They have loved centers and pushed me to create new activities to keep them engaged!

This is the current state of my classroom. Who decides to paint their classroom the first week of summer vacation? Well that would be me! I am ready for a change...but who can paint without throwing out things and organizing first! My kiddos keep asking me what in the world is happening to our room! I am almost done and know I will be so happy with the finished product but right now I am tired and stressed out:/  Here's to hoping tomorrow will be very productive!

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